Please join The Edinburgh Lectures

This year marks the eleventh edition of The Edinburgh Lectures, an annual seminar series designed to educate, empower and inspire Chiropractors and their teams to better serve their communities. This year’s event will take place on the weekend of June 10-12, 2016 at The Norton House Hotel, on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

As with every seminar weekend at The Edinburgh Lectures, the science, art and philosophy of Chiropractic will be shared from our stage by inspirational Chiropractic experts from across the UK and the wider Chiropractic global community. Each individual message will help you reignite your passion, refocus your purpose and inspire you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

For this year’s seminar, Chiropractic – Evolution or Revolution?, we welcome many Chiropractic superstars. The weekend kicks off with our stand alone, one-day intensive seminar with lifestyle and wellness expert, Dr Eric Plasker. Our weekend speakers include world renowned Chiropractic neurology expert, Dr John Minardi; Chiropractic communication superstars Mr Keith Wassung and Dr Cathy Wendland-Colby; Chiropractic coaches and global leaders in stress management, Drs John and Judy Hinwood; Chiropractor and stress & lifestyle expert, Dr Nima Rahmany; and Chiropractic educator and visionary Dr David Russell. It is a seminar weekend not to be missed!

Our keynote speaker is best-selling author and chiropractic advocate, Mr Michael Gelb. Author of 14 books on creativity and innovation including the international best seller, How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day, Michael is the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development. He is a pioneer in the fields of creative thinking, accelerated learning and innovative leadership. It is an honour to welcome him to our stage!

Together with the CA training programme on the Saturday afternoon, the Friday seminar and weekend conference offer up to 18 hours of world-class CPD credits.

Our Saturday night Ceilidh, or Scottish Dinner/Dance (ticket included with registration), is a time to connect with friends and enjoy an evening celebrating all that is good about our profession.

Please stay connected to us via our Facebook page where up-to-date information will be posted.

Supersaver booking (18th March 2016) and team discounts mean it could not be easier to register and bring your teams to be inspired!

The Edinburgh Lectures is a non-profit organisation and any profits from the event will be put towards the setting up of a new principled and vitalistic Chiropractic degree programme in the UK, The Scotland College of Chiropractic, which was launched last year.

We look forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh in June.

Ross McDonald, DC & Rebecca Vickery, DC
The Edinburgh Lectures